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Google Language Tools

Translation of text and web pages between English and several European languages.

About Google

All About Top News America Online and Google Announce Expanded Alliance The Google Toolbar Free download for your IE browser. What's up in the lab? Try our latest demos in Google Labs.

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Google - Web Search Features

Listing information about Google's use of cached links, similar pages referring and web page translation options on their search engine.

Lady Chatterly

Lady Chatterly is a full-featured Usenet bot based upon existing chatbot technologies such as AIML, Eliza, & NICOLE. Features include but are not limited to whois lookup, random header


Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages. The company's focus is developing

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Message Inserted Into Google Translation

Logomedia translation google translation

information on Logomedia translation google translation topic.Logomedia translation web| The Logomedia translation google translation Page! Add Logomedia translation We provide

Chinese Translation - Google Search

Google Search. Google is arguably the best Search Engine on the Internet, with over 4.2 billion Web pages indexed as of May 2004. Google searches

Google General FAQ

Google General FAQ Home All About Google Help Central Search Help Basics of Search Advanced Search Interpret Results Customize Google Features General FAQ Contact Us Find on this site:

Language Tools

Visit the link for details.

Translate Web Pages Automatically

translation feature (BETA). Using machine translation technology, Google now gives translated into English. Home | All About Google 2001 Google Enable Translation of Your

About Google

All About Top News America Online and Google Announce Expanded Alliance The Google Toolbar Free download for your IE browser. What's up in the lab? Try our latest demos in Google Labs.

Google Special Search Features

will you support additional languages for translation? Google is working on support for can be translated into English? Currently, Google offers English translation from


Visit the link for details.


Sponsored Translation Google Relevant News

Fair rally takes aim at Mexican flag (North County Times)
DEL MAR ---- For the first time, an immigration protest has spilled into San Diego County's annual summer party of farm animals, carnival rides and aromatic foods.

Googled by GWT - Part 2 (The Register)
The tutorial continues GWT (or the Google Web Toolkit) provides a Java library and set of tools that allow a pure JavaScript and HTML application to be derived form a Pure Java development environment. The executable is then generated from this and is implemented in terms of JavaScript, HTML and CSS etc. As such, this allows a much higher level of abstraction to be used by developers, while

Flaubert; Bouvard and P矇cuchet: A Dumb and Dumber Avant la Lettre (The Village Voice)
A new bio and a Dumb and Dumber avant la lettre (By Brandon Stosuy)

Cleverest Laser Etched Powerbook Yet (Gizmodo)
Etching the Son of Man on the back of an Apple Powerbook? That's pure genius. If we were this smart we would have gotten more from the insurance pay-out from burning down the old Gawker HQ. Also, we...

Gizmodo SkypeCast: Aaron Keogh of Maxtrixstream (Gizmodo)
The Matrixstream set-top platform streams 1080P H.264 video over IP. We'll talk to Aaron Keogh to figure out how they heck they're doing it. Click here at 1pm EDT tomorrow, June 30 to listen in and...

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