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Webmasters, it is widely acknowledged that most people utilize search engines and web directories to find what they are looking for on the web! Therefore, getting indexed on search engines and in web directories is critical to your success.

Exactly where your web site ranks in search engine results is even more critical! Submit your site right!

Getting indexed in search engines and directories is a very tricky business& and getting trickier and more costly by the minute. Do your research. Find out about META TAGS, DESCRIPTION TAGS, LINK POPULARITY, SUBMISSION DOs & DON'Ts and other important search engine indexing factors - then submit your site!


Do not submit "under construction" sites. Do not "over-submit" your web site to any search engine or directory. Do not try to "trick" or mislead search engines. Do not rush your web site submission(s). Do use free submission services with some caution. Do take your time submitting your site and& Do keep your web site current, updated and useful! Remember, the majority of your web site traffic will come from the top 10 or so search engines and directories - stay focused on them!

Consider professional submission help! There are some excellent reputable SEO/SEM companies who will help you SUBMIT YOUR SITE RIGHT!

Below you will find free "auto submit" services, top rated search engine information and the best search engines, directories and PPCs on the Web.

Remember, you must "hand submit" your web site to web directories. Here are a few directories you will want to submit your site to& ABOUT, DMOZ.

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