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Best Site Promotion

Successful web site promotion is a challenge (to say the least) and everyone has an opinion on how to "do it" best! The bottom line is this: unless you have an unlimited advertising and promotion budget for your web site, you must be focused and patient. your web success depends on it!

Best site promotion for most Webmasters and web site owners requires a lot of hard work, long hours, creativity, integrity and sometimes "a buck or two." If this sounds a lot like a "brick and mortar" business. it should, because essentially the principles of successful promotion are the same for both.

Don't forget ADVERTISING! You may want to consider spending a few dollars on external web site promotion and advertising. "Visible Link" advertising works! Search engines find you FAST if you advertise in the right places on the web. Not to mention the almost certain additional traffic from the site where you advertise. NOTE: Advertising on is a cost-effective site promotion strategy!

The following best site promotion strategies are absolutely essential in order to achieve any level of success on the web!

A professionally designed and attractive web site
Regular submission of your site to the top search engines
Utilizing accurate meta tags and page descriptions
Exchanging "visible" links with related web sites
Keeping your web site current, managed and helpful
Opening a low cost "keyword bidding" PPC account
Joining a web site promotion and/or Webmaster forum!!!
Spending a few dollars to make a few dollars - a must!
Remaining patient and focused - IT WILL HAPPEN!

A "keyword bidding" PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaign is a good way to see what keywords and phrases work best for your web site marketing and promotion. It is actually very easy (and quick!) and it will drive targeted traffic to your site. The more popular the keyword, the higher the price, however, many keywords and phrases can be purchased in the area of 5 or 10 cents per click. The following web sites are the best of the best in keyword bidding PPC!

Best Keyword Bidding (PPC) Advertising
espotting googleADWORDS
findwhat overture
pocketflier looksmart
enhance epilot
kanoodle search123

Best Sites for Site Promotion
SEOStudio keywordmax
exitexchange clickz
gotoast outrider
doubleclick tribalfusion
iprospect ineedhits
mediaplex valueclick
searchfeed advertising
marketingsherpa clickability
emarketer mygeek

MORE! Best Site Promotion
visitorfinder submitnet
enquiro metamend