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eParcel Stores

Application allows businesses to quickly create a secure virtual store.

Technical Support ~ Windows NT ~ Setting up Windows NT Login Scripts

How to Setup your Network to use Login Scripts You must have an NT Domain where user logons are validated by the NT domain.

Login Scripts

Forums >> Relax >> Hints and Tips >> Login Scripts Page: [1] Login

Networking: Windows 2000 Login Scripts or Mapping Drives

I am in the process of moving my company from Netware to MS servers. Currently Netware login scripts handle mapping drives to netware servers. I'd

Login Scripts

Many a time people ask for login scripts, and they aren't sure of what to get, so I've I write more login scripts, and registration scripts I will post them

DSS Scripts, HU Scripts, 3M Scripts, DSS HU Scripts, 3m DSS Scripts

Username: Password: DSS SCRIPTS I DSS SCRIPTS I HU SCRIPTS I DSS FILES I PRIVATE 3M SCRIPTS I DSS Scripts is pleased to offer you 4 ways to join our elite club. Each membership comes with

Login Scripts - Creating and Using Login Scripts |

This Site: Home - Contact - Sections: Broadband - Exchange - Login Scripts - Network Admin - Outlook - Pocket PC - More Login Scripts Creating the Initial File Testing Implementation

NOVELL: Cool Solutions Cool Tools: LSupdate for NetWare 3.1x

and feel." Ability to update "Test" login scripts or update actual login scripts in the home LSupdate for NetWare 3.1x Update login scripts by doing simple string search for

Login Scripts

Login Scripts: Login Scripts are text files that contain commands used to setup a users' workstation environment

Perl Password Protection Scripts

Secure your site, or manage membership accounts with Perl password protection scripts.

Windows 2000: Login scripts

Can any of you point me in the right direction of how to use Login scripts for Windows 2000 to map/add printers with out user intervention. Thanks


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by Gina Trapani Welcome back, Windows-using command line lovers! Part I and Part II of this introduction to Cygwin covered installation, basic Unix commands and other recipes for command line...

Feature: Protect your Mac (MacCentral Online)
Are you leaving your Mac vulnerable to viruses, intruders, and other dangers? OS X may be more secure than other operating systems, but it's not invulnerable. Here are 18 things you can do right now to protect your Mac -- and your data -- from potential disaster.

CASE Apps releases Sofa Control 1.0 (MacNN)
CASE Apps has announced the final release of Sofa Control 1.0, its application for Mac OS X 10.4 t...

Problems Crop Up In Microsoft Patch (ChannelWeb)
Windows users have reported problems with their dial-up connection after installing one of the 12 security updates Microsoft released Tuesday, security organizations reported Friday.

Dieter's spreadsheet (Lifehacker)
Technologist Jeremy Zawodny lost 50 pounds last year using the previously-mentioned Hacker's Diet and a spreadsheet log of his progress. Jeremy describes his weight loss process and offers the...

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