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Java Array Example

This is an example of a Java Array


Converts data files into source code arrays that can be used in Perl, Pascal, Delphi, C/C++ or Java programs.

Java Arrays in Jython

Documentation. Working with Java. Java arrays. Python Docs (exits) Other. Email Us. Java Arrays in Jython - JArray. Many Java methods require Java array objects as arguments. The

Accessing Java Arrays

Note that, unlike C arrays, Java arrays carry length information. JNIEXPORT Native Interface Programming Accessing Java Arrays Similar to jstring, jarray represents

MD5 Hashing Class/Utility

Computes the MD5 hash of arrays of bytes. Can also be used in command-line mode. [Open Source, Public Domain]

The historical collection classes -- Arrays

From John Zukowski's recently published book, Java Collections, this excerpt (from Chapter 1) covers details about arrays -- what you can do with

Java Arrays

This beginning Java programming tutorial illustrates the use of arrays for storing data.

Java Arrays

Next: The Java Type Up: Interaction of Parameterization Previous: Primitive Types Java Arrays While Unfortunately, the subtyping rule for Java arrays is different from the subtyping

Java Arrays

CareersContent Submission Focus on Java Java Arrays Fixed-Length Data Structures for Statement Java Programming Tutorial Java Glossary As we saw in Java

Brewing Java: A Tutorial

This is an introductory tutorial for Java 1.0. tutorial has grown into a book called The Java Developer's Resource, available now from Prentice Hall Linked lists. Sparse arrays.

Working With Java Arrays in Native Methods

Trail: Java Native Interface Lesson: Interacting with Java from the Native Side Working With Java Arrays in Native Methods The JNI uses the jarray type to represent references to Java

The Use of Java Arrays for Matrix Computations

The Use of Java Arrays for Matrix Computations Geir how to utilize the flexibility in native Java arrays for matrix computations. Suitable introduced. A disadvantage of the


Trail: Learning the Java Language Lesson: Object Basics and Simple Data Objects Arrays


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Sun, Stanford Partner for Hybrid Supercomputer Research (ComputerWire via Yahoo!7 News)
Stanford University is not only where Sun Microsystems Inc gets its name--technically, it is Stanford University Network Microsystems--but it is also where most of the executives who founded Sun came from.

Translate Haskell into English Manually (Linux Journal)
Write a program in Haskell that translates C type declarations into English.

Design Tips for Building Tag Clouds (
Editor's note: In "Building Tag Clouds in Perl and PHP," author Jim Bumgardner says that to some, tag clouds would seem to be a fad.

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