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Streaming media testing and monitoring tools, Java application/applet testing tools, Java application/applet simulators, Java rich text rendering applet


Java applet that animates two dimensional models made out of masses and springs.

Mars24 Java Applet

The Mars24 Java Applet, available from the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, is a beautiful example of applet technology. It allows one to view Martian and Earth time at different

What is a Java Applet

What is a Java Applet ? A Java Applet is a Java program that executes inside a browser.

Rubik's Cube Java Applet

with the mouse Rubik's Cube Java Applet Sorry, it seems that Java is The Rubik's Cube Java Applet is an online simulation of a

JARS.COM The #1 Java Review Service

JARS.COM is the #1 Online Java Review Service for developers. It includes many

Download Java Software

of this page for a yellow bar that reads "This site might require the following ActiveX control: 'Java Plug-in 1.4.2_06' from 'Sun Microsystems, Inc.'. Click here to install " Click

Jpowered: Java Applet , Servlet , DHTML JavaScript.

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n applet is a program written in the JavaTM programming language that can be included in an HTML every day - 18 Nov, 2002. Java Applet Rating Service (JARS)

Applet Security

This document answers several frequently asked questions related to applets and what they are allowed to do. There's no way to allow an applet loaded into a Java-enabled browser to read

Java Applet Tutorial - Home

will guide you step to step through the applet making process. everything is the "Why" but the "How". Throughout the java tutorial all new lines of code are user. If you don't

JavaBoutique |

DevX is the leading provider of technical information, tools, and services for IT professionals developing corporate applications. Java Date Picker Applet. The Java Date Picker Applet

java applet text scroll download java scroller applets news ticker

Newsticker Java Applet DissolveImage Java Applet Screw Java Applet Absolute Menu Slider Java Applet Headline Typer Java Applet Headlines Java Applet TypeWriter Text


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jAgile, scrivere codice Java sicuro (
Ho scovato un sito dove sono elencate 12 regole per scrivere codice Java molto sicuro. La prima regola è Don't Depend on Initialization (non dipendere dall'inizializzazione): è possibile allocare un oggetto senza usare un costruttore e illustra dei modi per verificare se un oggetto è inizializzato.

Amazon Map (Addict 3D)
The Map Amazon Java applet allows you to see the Amazon books divided into topic clusters. You can use the scroll-wheel to zoom from a general level like “Technical” down to the individual book level (where the applet gets pretty slow though).

Getting Fresh (Toronto Eye Weekly)
You need Java enabled to view the crossword applet. If you do not have Java installed you can obtain it from . If do have Java you may need to check your security settings to make sure that applets are enabled, especially if you are viewing the puzzle from your hard disk.

Sun's Pledge To Make Java Open Source Leaves Key Questions Unanswered (TechWeb via Yahoo! News)
Sun hasn't said who will manage the code or when it will become open source.

Sun's Open-Source Java Plan: Many Questions, Very Few Answers (Linux Pipeline)
Sun is finally committing its "crown jewels" to a completely Open-Source future. But for thousands of developers, and millions of end-users, details such as who will manage the code, when they will take control, and which licensing model they will use remain few and far between.

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