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Xfire - gaming simplified

See when your friends are online & what game they're playing Server Browser. Xfire's server browser is built right into the client so you don't need yet another app running

Richard's PBeM Server

Welcome to Richard's Play-By-eMail Server. Richard's PBeM Server ([email protected]) exists so that we can play a variety of games by eMail. The games currently supported are: Chess Chess,

Internet Scrabble Club

A place to play live on line scrabble in English, French or Romanian. Play a scrabble game with other members who are logged on the ISC server or with a computer player. All you need is a

QStat - Real-time Game Server Status

Real-time Game Server Status I'm waiting on help from a server-browser author on that front.

Multi Browser mIRC Game Server Browser

is the same as for any other game's pictures except the map If you want a version of the browser that only requires mIRC 6 or It does not talk to the master server and rarely


Free Quake/QuakeWorld/Quake2/Quake3 server browser and launcher for Unix/X11 includes a forum and screenshots.

Game server browser linux

Art, but walk in Best selected  game server browser linux    game server browser game server browser linux     game server dice games nh highland games photos game

DailyFreeGames - Play Free Online Games From The Internet!

~~~Welcome To Play free online games on the Internet, free multiplayer browser based games here! We have Betholia (free online rpg), Carnage Online (free online


Qtracker is an Internet/LAN game and MP3 server browser. If you want to find places to play your favorite games, look no further. You can also use

Yahoo Sues Xfire Over Patent

GameSpot reports that Yahoo is going after Xfire for infringing a patent they were granted in March, 2004. The patent involves the use of buddy lists and instant messaging in conjunction

Network Gaming

Network gaming (on LANs) and Internet gaming (across the Internet) include board, card, role playing and other multi-player or human vs. computer game environments.


XQF is a game server browser and launcher for Unix/X11 variables XQF_SERVER_NAME, XQF_SERVER_MAP, XQF_SERVER_HOSTNAME and XQF_SERVER_GAME when launching a game


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How to avoid phishing scams (ZDNet)
One day, a few minutes after making a purchase on eBay , I got e-mail thanking me for winning the auction and asking me to update my credit card info. I had just gotten a new card from my bank, and I realized that I hadn't updated it. It was very late in the evening.

Free Finds for Frugal Libraries (
This piece highlights some wonderful ways librarians can implement and work with wireless, but we still need to serve the patrons who rely on us for basic computer access. Keeping software on public access machines current, given hefty licensing fees, pricey upgrades, and pervasive patches and updates, can be an expensive hassle.

Keeping Connected: A Local Look at Modern Communication Methods (RedNova)
By Jim Sabin, The Lima News, Ohio Mar. 12--LIMA -- When Justin Sargent opens his Web browser in the morning, no fewer than eight Web pages open up for him. They're e-mail sites, game sites, news sites.

Keeping connected (Lima News)
LIMA — When Justin Sargent opens his Web browser in the morning, no fewer than eight Web pages open up for him. They’re e-mail sites, game sites, news sites. He scans them quickly, then opens his instant messaging programs, on sites like Yahoo! and Hotmail.

Jobs (
Register with us now to apply for this job. If you are already registered, please log-in. Click here to register with us Colin McRae Rally. Brian Lara Cricket. Operation Flashpoint. Games don’t get much bigger. But what else would you expect from Europe’s largest privately owned video games company?

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