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Windows 2000-NT Tip #418: Using a Script File with FTP

You can create a script file of FTP commands, and then use it to automate your work on an FTP server. Here's how.

FTP Control

Read a list of features, view screenshots, get technical support, or download a demo of this file transfer software .

MyCgiScripts : Free hosting script

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ftp script

could however rename each file received in an ftp script by placing/adding an "x" to the "dot Subject: [ibm-aix-l] RE: ftp script. > Archive Page - http

Using FTP Batch Scripts

use the -s option for FTP to read this file under Windows. If the previous script was in a file called Test.scr, you can start the script by

WebFTP script by

A full functional FTP client written in PHP4, designed to browse any FTP server. Onine demo. [Commercial]

FTP Performer

FTP development utility; supports script execution or creation of standalone executables.

TransSoft Ltd

Read about this company's FTP server, control and development software. See new product news, discussion forums and order form.

Re: FTP Script in Windows Environment Batch File-78603

Re: FTP Script in Windows Environment Batch File 78603 Re: FTP Script in Windows Environment Batch File From: [Email Address Removed] Subject: Re: FTP Script in Windows

PyroBatchFTP - Automated FTP, Script FTP, Batch FTP File Transfer

PyroBatchFTP helps you to exchange files with internet FTP servers in an automated way by processing script files. E.g. Pyro-Batch-FTP can be used to

FTP Client: Robo-FTP - Secure and Automated

Robo-FTP is a secure, automated script ftp client that supports PGP, SSH, and SSL as well as COM/OLE automation scheduled basis through the use of FTP script files. Robo-FTP script

J-Term Professional

Shareware telnet client for Windows with Pascal-based script language and an FTP client.


Sponsored Ftp Script Relevant News

Curl is your Swiss-army knife for HTTP and FTP (Tech Republic)
Vincent Danen describes a download program called Curl that uses HTTP or FTP and works over SSL.

Brief: Ubuntnu stores clear text root password (SecurityFocus)
Ubuntnu stores clear text root password

DNS Updater supports native x64 processors. (ThomasNet)
Running as NT service with remote web administration, DirectUpdate v4.1 integrates with DNS services and enables user to update multiple DNS accounts automatically when local IP address changes. Program also performs local actions including FTP upload on new IP, email notification, application launch, and service restarting. DirectUpdate enables users to host web, FTP, email, or game server on

Application builds software installation packages. (ThomasNet)
InstallAware 5 for Windows, .NET, IIS, and SQL Server platforms facilitates installation of setup prerequisites. Software features compression, 2-way integrated visual/code views, and partial web deployment which enables bulky features to be stored away in web media blocks. It incorporates include scripts and instance transforms for setup flexibility such as simultaneous installation of multiple

A first look at wikiCalc (NewsForge)
Dan Bricklin, co-creator of VisiCalc, is at it again. Bricklin is working on wikiCalc, a Web-based spreadsheet application. It's not quite ready for prime time yet, but it does show promise.

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