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USB Flash Drives and Portable Storage for Computers

org .What is a USB FLASH DRIVE USB flash drives are compact and easy-to-use USB flash drives and the benefits of portable in use to your computer hard drive. USB flash drives

# 1 Pen & Flash Drives

Pen & Flash Drives Portable Hard Drives USB Flash Disks USB Flash Drives USB Hard Drives USB Pen Drives Cisco Memory Sun Memory Multimedia Flash Cards Flashdisk Multimedia Cards Flashdrive Securing Key Chain Flash Drives

Key chain Flash drives are perfect for keeping personal Trackbacks Blog this Securing Key Chain Flash Drives by Derrick Story 08/20/2004 In this article I discuss how key

Memory upgrades, video cards, flash media, and storage at

PC3200 (DDR400) PC2700 PC2100 PC133 PC100 More Choices Flash Memory Products CompactFlash™ MultiMediaCard™ Secure

Larger and More Secure Flash Drives

As anticipated, SanDisk has decided to unveil two new additions to their line of USB storage devices at CeBIT this week. Specifically, SanDisk's high-end Titanium line saw the introduction

USB Flash Drive - Memory - Keychain - Thumb drives

Everything you want to know about USB Flash Drives Judging by the quantity of USB flash drives on the market, no one will doubt the popularity of row, we listed three USB flash

Kanguru Fire Flash - Portable Firewire Flash Drives

The Kanguru Fire Flash is a high speed Firewire (IEEE) Flash Drive that fits in the palm of your

International Products Inc.

For SRAM, Linear Flash, ATA Flash, ATA hard Disk and other PC Cards. MS-DOS/Windows or Binary Data Access.


Supplier of flash data storage products in consumer, OEM and industrial markets.


Offers a line of PC Cards and Flash storage solutions including ATA Flash, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, SRAM, IDE Flash, Linear Flash, Industrial SRAM, PC Card hard drives and accessories.

Windows Tip #707: Control Block Storage Devices (aka: USB Flash Drives

Beginning with Service Pack 2 for Windows XP, you can block the use of USB storage devices (called pen drives, or thumb drives) with this registry setting.


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Is Flash Storage Ready for Business? (Enterprise Storage Forum)
USB drives have been a popular gadget among consumers who like to move digital content from one computer to the next. Their wild popularity, born out of portability and capacity, has led enterprises to look into the benefits of using the drives.

Win Crucial memory and USB flash drives (Personal Computer World)
While most computers, PC equipment and peripherals are getting smaller, the files we create are getting larger. The supplied memory card in devices such as digital cameras is unlikely to be bigger than 32MB, so investing in a larger card is essential.

Kingston USB Drives Secure Data With Automatic Encryption (Desktop Pipeline)
The DataTraveler Elite Privacy Edition devices feature address security and compliance issues posed by USB drives with on-the-fly hardware encryption and password security.

28V boost converter powers 12 LED backlights, flash (Electronic Engineering Times Asia)
Semtech's high-efficiency DC/DC boost converter drives up to 12 LEDs for both backlighting the LCDs in cellphones and PDAs as well as providing the power for camera flash.

New Review: Pioneer DVR-111 vs DVR-110 (DVD-Recordable)
Resident DVD shining light Flash has posted in his latest review comparing the last two DVD drives from Pioneer. The reason being that there have been rumours that the new model has been "produced quickly because of serious burning problems with the DVR-110As".

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