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Icon Surf Favicon search 300 images Favicon Info Favicon definition For Favicon gallery. Favicons from around the web I have liked and the reasons why MpP Favicon

Creating Your Own Favicon.ico Icon For IE5 - The Web Developer's Journ

This little icon is called a "favicon", and it works only in Explorer 5 and above. If your visitors are running Netscape or an older version of Explorer, the browser will just ignore

Informationen zu Favicon.ico, den mysteriösen bunten Bildchen in den Favoriten des MS Internet Explorer 5.0. Außerdem ein Patchwork, aus 768 im WWW gesammelten Favicons.

FavIcon from Pics -- how to create a favicon.ico for your website

Free and easy to use online tool that can create favicon (.ico) images for browser address bars, favorites and tabs, from pictures, logos and other graphics. Now it's easy to create

maki is not a nameless cat: favicon

the personal web site of Makiko Itoh. logo is very versatile and works well as a favicon. Wired. Great, simple logo and favicon. Salon. The Salon logo is one - Free icon editor.

More help What is a Favicon? Favicon (pronounced fav-eye-con) is short for 'Favorites Icon' You can customize the Icon(s) in the browsers 'address box window' and 'bookmark listing'. - custom icons for your website!

question What is a favicon? What is Where and when will our Favicon do I have my Favicon professionally made? is proud to offer professional my ISP

Icon and Cursor Editing Tips and Tools

Software utilities, tips, and help for editing and creating custom icons and cursors on the Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Yaron Zarfati's Linux Penguin as favicon.ico

Use Tux as your websites icon in browsers that support favicon.

WDVL: The Dastardly "favicon.ico not found" Error

extension (.com, .net, .edu) The Dastardly "favicon.ico not found" Error Linda Cole among developers recently: "What is that favicon.ico not found error that is filling logs


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Add dynamic favicons to your website (Lifehacker)
Web developer and blogger Michael Mahemoff has created a cool javascript that you can use to dynamically change your web site's favicon (those cool little icons that show up on your tabs or in your...

TypePad tutorials (Lifehacker)
SixApart's posted a mess of tutorials for bloggers using TypePad who want to customize and add content to their sites. Find out how to get links, video, Technorati search on your TypePad...

FT 2006: Craiglist bewilders money-minded executives (dotjournalism)
Craiglist CEO Jim Buckmaster was characteristically laid-back during an interview with Richard Waters, the FT's managing editor for West Coast USA, at the FT digital media and broadcasting conference in London earlier this week.

Feature: Mac tune-up: 34 software speedups (MacCentral Online)
While OS X may be pretty well tuned for performance, individual applications aren’t. You can tweak your apps in plenty of ways to make sure they’re operating at top speed. Here are a few of our favorite tricks.

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