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Product Information. Download. Source Perl, the Perl Package Manager, (for installing packages of CPAN modules), and complete online help. For more information or to download


Small, embeddable, object-oriented, prototype-based, garbage collected language; faster than Perl, Python, Ruby; supports actors and futures for concurrency. Influences: Smalltalk; Act1,

Getting Perl

MySQL Users Conference: April 18-21 2005, Santa Clara, CA. Downloading the Latest Version of Perl. Contents of this document. Unix, Linux. Win32. Macintosh. Getting Help. Overview. Perl is

ActiveState - - Dynamic Tools for Dynamic Languages

Installer 2.0+ is required for Windows. download for 9x/Me download for NT technology-based tools and solutions for Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl, XSLT, and sendmail support. Free

mod_perl: Welcome to the mod_perl world

Download. Get source and binary mod_perl distributions and download the documentation Documentation

How to write your first Perl CGI script

In this Perl tutorial, we'll start with a simple 'Hello World' script.

Download Free Perl Guestbook

Download Free Perl Guestbook [Diese Seite auf Deutsch] Newest version: 1.25 - January 31, 2004 Here is the [Download-Page] Coming soon: Free Perl Guestbook 2.0 - more powerfull than FPG

ActiveState - Dynamic Tools for Dynamic Languages

ActiveState Open source technology-based tools and solutions for Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl, XSLT, and sendmail. Cross-platform development, server-side email management, and enterprise

Download Perl Interpreter (ActivePerl)

DESKTOP BACKGROUNDS MAILING LIST Download Perl Interpreter To use all the features of DzSoft Perl Editor you must download and install the Perl interpreter ActivePerl).


2005-04-16 online since 1995-10-26. 2822 MB 273 mirrors. 4296 authors 7887 modules. Welcome to CPAN! Here you will find All Things Perl. Browsing. Searching. FAQ etc. Yours Eclectically,

Download And Install Perl

Download and install Perl on any operating system

The Perl Directory -

Non-profit organization dedicated to making the incredibly useful Perl language even more useful for everyone. Supports Perl creators, developers,

Community zu CGI und Perl. Gibt Tipps zur Programmierung, hält Scripts zum Download bereit und stellt Bücher zum Thema vor.


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Get control with 10 useful Perl modules for network programmers (Tech Republic)
CPAN's network programming category has thousands of Perl modules ranging from general (server daemons) to highly-specific applications (interacting with a Cisco router).

LogicBlaze Fuses Open-Source Components into SOA Stack (eWeek)
LogicBlaze announces an open-source SOA distribution, known as Fuse, based on Apache Software Foundation technology.

Open Source Gaining Traction (
The Indiana Department of Education's effort to outfit high schools with computers is a costly endeavor for a state strapped for cash. However, installing what is known as open source software is softening the blow. As the name implies, open source programming is available for users to study, modify and share freely.

Including keyword searches on site not as complicated as it sounds (The Columbus Dispatch)
Q: I offered to put together a Web site for a writer friend of mine and he keeps saying, "Key words must be searchable." How does that happen?

Search is over: Software tracks down key words (The Star-Ledger)
I offered to put together a Web site for a writer friend of mine and he keeps saying, "Key words must be searchable."

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