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Domain Name Server

What is a Domain Name Server? - How Domain Name Servers Work

Article by Marshall Brain explains how domain name servers (DNS) work. Read about domain basics, IP addresses, and distributed systems.

Domain Name Server Defintion: What it is

Domain Name Server Definition Act Now Domains * * * * * * Domain Name Server Definition Domain Name Server: Definition of What it Is A domain name server (also called DNS) is the Internet's

Definition: domain name server

domain name server (DNS) domain name server (DNS): 1. A server within the Internet network that performs translation between fully qualified

Domain Name Server Definition? You can found more info here.

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Domain Name Server Definition

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Matisse's Glossary of Internet Terms

See also: Domain Name, Server, TCP/IP IPv4 -- (Internet Protocol, version 4)

Definition Domain Name Server

This website provides detailed information on definition domain name server. Definition: domain name server. domain name server (DNS) This HTML version of Telecom Glossary 2K was last

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Definition: domain name server

domain name server (DNS) These definitions were prepared by ATIS Committee T1A1. For more information on the work related to these definitions, please visit the ATIS website. addresses

Definition: domain name server

domain name server domain name server: A server that retains the addresses and routing information for TCP/IP LAN users.


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An Omnibus ICANN and Internet Update (RedNova)
By Koehler, Wallace There have been a number of interesting changes and proponed changes to the Internet environment. Some of these changes are largely technical; others have a far greater political, economic, and social significance.

Advisories, March 8, 2006 (Linux Today)
Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in Squirrelmail, a commonly used webmail system. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project identifies the following problems:

China's New Domain Names: Lost in Translation (CircleID)
This morning I got a bunch of alarmist messages from friends asking about this English-language People's Daily article titled: China adds top-level domain names. The paragraph that's freaking people out is: "Under the new system, besides "CN", three Chinese TLD names "CN", "COM" and "NET" are temporarily set. It means Internet users don't have to surf the Web via the servers under the management

Inaccurate report sparks fears China may split 'Net (InfoWorld)
( InfoWorld ) - Western media was abuzz Wednesday with reports, citing an English-language story on the Web site of the official People's Daily newspaper, that China plans to create a set of Chinese-language domain names as part of a bid to split China off from the Internet. There was just one problem: the story wasn't true. The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has had a

O’Reilly Media (On Java)
There have been a number of interesting debates going on lately in quite a number of different areas that all have a certain thread running through them. A recent article asked whether PHP has taught too many bad habits and that it is slowly dying in its nest of bad code (and worse coders).

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