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Definition: web browser

web browser web browser: A user interface (usually graphical) to hypertext information on the World Wide Web.

The Devilfinder Search Engine - What is conditional? - A Word Definiti

A Word Definition From the of high-definition versus enhanced definition, and visiting our of this document. browser and mark-up standards. Various groups out of

Definition: net browser

net browser. This HTML version of Telecom Glossary 2K was last generated on Wed May 8 15:36:48 MDT 2002. References can be found in the Foreword.

Buzzword Definition - Browser

Definition: A browser is a software program that lets you explore the World Wide Web to find text, graphics, sound, movies

Definition: browser

browser browser: Any computer software program for reading hypertext.

Scala - Definition of browser

End-to-End Software Solutions for Digital Signage You are here: Scala > Glossary of Terms > browser definition <<†Back ††† Table of Contents ††† Next†>> Scala - Glossary

Definition of Browser

An easy to understand definition of the term Browser Browser. It's what you're probably using to read this A Web browser, often just called a "browser," is the program

The Devilfinder Search Engine - Tabloid - Definition of Tabloid as Use

used for gathering high definition low definition Define concept of a page Stuff Since 1979 †Web Search† †Image Browser† †News Headlines† Devil Ads of the

Definition of Web Browser

Web Browser A software application used to locate and display web pages.


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To Capture Kids, Reconsider Definition of News (Poynter Institute)
Merrill Lynch equity analyst Lauren Rich Fine talks about kids and media. While other experts are up in arms about the Next Generation's disinterest in red state/blue state politics, world events and economic imbalance, Fine doesn't see what the big whoop is all about.

Apple fixes troubled Safari patch (InfoWorld)
( InfoWorld ) - Apple Computer has released an updated version of a security patch the company issued on Monday. The update addresses a problem that some users had been experiencing with their Safari Web browser after installing the original patch. The bug affects users who moved Safari out of their Applications folder before installing the update, Apple said in a  statement  published on

Hispano-Scots startup recruits for network IC design (EE Times)
LONDON ‚ÄĒ Gigle Semiconductor Ltd, a startup fabless semiconductor company developing system-on-chip integrated circuits for home networking applications, is recruiting engineers for a range of activities from systems architecture and algorithm definition to embedded firmware developers.

Sampo Professional Launches High-Performance IP-Addressable 50-Inch Plasma Monitor for Signage, Public Display and (PrimeZone via Yahoo! Finance)
Sampo Professional, a leading provider of network-enabled flat-panel display solutions for the commercial, education, hospitality and government sectors, today announced the availability of the PME-50X10 50" High-Definition Ready Plasma Display, a full-featured, high-performance multimedia display loaded with installer convenience features designed to meet the demanding requirements of a broad

New HDTV architectures needed, says display exec (EETimes)
With high-definition flat-panel TVs the wave of the future, a new generation of components able to meet both stringent cost and performance demands will need to be developed, according to Bruce Berkoff, president and chief executive of display electronics company Enuclia Semiconductor.

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