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Stuff  Chat  UseNet  Definition of a Blog View Related Threads Posts in Sat Sep 13, 2003 3:47 pm    Post subject: Definition of a Blog message unavailable Sep 13, :: Daniel W. Drezner :: A new blog project

It seems awkward to begin the definition of blog with "a weblog is." Better to say "A first is feedback on the definition of a blog. Our working definition -- partly and


Definition of a blog or Web log. Weblogs, Wikis and Friends Network

Weblogs and Friends Network United States (English) Australia (English) Canada (English) United Kingdom (English) Ireland (English) New Zealand (English) South Africa (English) Denmark

Knowledge Jolt with Jack: Udell on blog definition

Previous: Having a bad day in photos | Main | Next: Your personality summarized in 26 links » December 21, 2004 Udell on blog definition Jon Udell has some interesting comments about

blogging - a definition - see also: blog

On a Web site, a blog, a short form of Web log or weblog, is a personal journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. blog. On the Internet, a blog

Blog - definition, information, sites, articles.

The BLOG page at Marketing - Internet Marketing Reference. Blog. weblog. - (Requires JavaScript blog. Definition. blog. A frequent, chronological publication of personal

Cartoon stick figure people for office and business plus medical and h

Screen Beans: clip art stick figure people characters that are compact, resizable, editable, and very lovable and useful. A nation of regions: Part 1

Regions of Mind History, U.S. regionalism, foreign policy, politics, life. A nation of regions: Part 1 email this blog Sunday, 30 November 2003 New Mexico mountains (photo: the Nature

What is a business blog?

Business Blog Faq: What is a business blog?

Instead of a Blog - By a Man Too Busy to Maintain One

Click here to read or bookmark the archived page. Click here if you are using Microsoft's defective Windows Explorer browser. Why? Posted December 12, 2003 ADDENDUM added December 18, 2003


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