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Create, customize, and maintain your own weblog from the web without having to worry about the nitty gritty technical details.

Bloggia Weblog Hosting - Create your own Custom Theme

here: Home " Weblog Styles " Bloggia Themer for your weblog. After choosing your preferred layout, you just choose colors and fonts to create your own design

Graphiz Weblog :: RSS - How to create your own feed

0.1 | Java Version RSS - How to create your own feed Tuesday, May 25, 2004 @ 17:09 [ Email ] [ Print ] [ Comment ] What is RSS? Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a lightweight XML

Weblogs & Template Hosting Services

Create your Web site without any code. Just fill in the blanks and have your personal Web site up in minutes, free. These Web site hosting services offer Web site creation using templates

Simpletold - opret weblog

Create your own weblog UserID Create your own weblog out the small form - then you have your own weblog. Remember to write a valid email form with your information, then

Weblogs Compendium - Blog Tools

allows you to create your own virtual community area, complete with user administration, story posting Trellix. Create your own weblog using client-side windows based software

Simpletold - Welcome

On this site you can create your own weblog. Click on the menu "Create your Create your own weblog Welcome / FAQ / Support / News a small, personal website. When you use a

Open Directory - Computers: Internet: On the Web: Weblogs: Tools: Host

Create, customize, and maintain your own weblog from the web without having to via email or mobile. CamBlog - Create a weblog for our cell phone camera photos Free host.

SiT: Weblogs.Com : Create Your Own Weblog

Weblogs.Com : Create Your Own Weblog Author: David Carter-Tod Posted: 10/10/2000; 6:25:13 AM

mo'time | v3.0 the personal net T

Motime: instant publishing and communication. Create your own blog. In 5 minutes be online with your personal web log, an online journal where you


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Core Updates Security Testing Tools (eWeek)
By adding new tools to fight encryption loopholes, the software maker claims it has improved its customers' ability to identify network vulnerabilities.

Russell Shaw: Women and Blogging: My Conversation with BlogHer's Jory Des Jardins (HuffingtonPost)
Perseus Development Corporation says women bloggers comprise 56 percent of the blogging population. A recent Pew Internet survey says women comprise 43 percent. As a degree-holder in Sociology, a journalist who has written about the online world since the pre-Web days and as a blogger- admittedly of the "Y" chromosome tribe- I have been fascinated by these numbers and the questions they

One billion online. In the new millennium (Hindustan Times)
Lucky me! I stumbled on what literally amounts to a chestful of useful and interesting tools in Amy Gahran's 22 May post at (poynter) . She calls them "my absolutely indispensible (sic!)" 'Cool Online Tools for Media Pros'. She ought to know what she's recommending.

Questioning Parked Domains and Google AdNonSense (CircleID)
Is contextual advertising helping or hurting the web? It basically started with Google Adsense even though the concept wasn't new. It had never been done on the scale that Google did it. Now we have Yahoo Publisher. MSN is building their version. We have Konterra and a whole lot of other companies scrambling to cash in on the contextual ad craze. Initially contextual advertising seems like a good

Fortune 1000 Execs Question Blogs as Sales and Branding Channel, Finds Makovsky/Harris Interactive Survey (Direct Marketing Association)
May 23, 2006 — While Fortune 1000 senior executives have blogs on their radar, The Makovsky 2006 State of Corporate Blogging Survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, concludes that they are slow to react to the growing credibility of corporate blogs as a communications medium.

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