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provides file converter to batch convert files between adobe acrobat pdf, doc, text, html, rtf,office word document and graphics formats.

Word Processing File Conversion Library

A library of DLLs which can be called from any Windows application. Contains functions to convert documents between different Word Processor file formats, and to read or write formatted


Create and convert Word, PowerPoint, or Excel documents to PDF.

Tips for Converting MS Word Files to HTML

Save as HTML doesn't have a feature to automatically convert a URL into a hyperlink when saving to HTML documents. However, MS Word 97 has the

Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc

Provides a range of data conversion software to convert various word processing file formats to HTML.

convert word to html, doc to html,doc to text,html to doc,text to

CZ Document Converter is a batch office document converter that convert word to html, doc to html, html to rtf, rtf to html, doc to text, html to

Converting Word to HTML

MIA: How to Convert Word to HTML I don't know if this was in US/msohtmf2.exe To filter a document in Word 2000 1. Install the HTML Filter as HTML and filter. 3. On the

Web Convert

Offers a tool for converting word processing files to HTML. Find ordering details, downloads and a product catalog.

Word Processor Filters

Herwijnen) tbl2html will convert a table in Word format to HTML. Contact: john.f.dirkman converts bidirectionally among FrameMaker, HTML, Word, Interleaf, WordPerfect and

WordToWeb: Automated HTML Conversion for Microsoft Word

formatted, linked HTML publications from within Microsoft Word. WordToWeb picks up where Word's Need to convert a technical manual into

WordCleaner - Word to HTML Converter and Cleaner.

Word Cleaner enables you to: Batch convert Word files to html files, including files Batch clean any HTML file, not just Word HTML files Reduce the size of your HTML Cleaner

Fast PDF

Web based tool to convert Microsoft Word documents to PDFs. Free conversion for limited time.


Sponsored Convert Word To Html Relevant News

Google Acquires Web Word Processor Firm (ComputerWire via Yahoo! Australia & NZ News)
Google Inc has bought Upstartle LLC, a beta-stage Silicon Valley firm that was on course to release a word processing software service that can be used via the web.

Text, Information, Knowledge and the Evolving Record of Humanity (D-Lib Magazine)
C. Montgomery Burns : "I'd like to send this letter to the Prussian consulate in Siam by aeromail. Am I too late for the 4:30 autogyro?" Clerk : "Uhhh, I better look in the manual ..."

From Babel to Knowledge (D-Lib Magazine)
In Jorge Luis Borges's curious short story The Library of Babel , the narrator describes an endless collection of books stored from floor to ceiling in a labyrinth of countless hexagonal rooms.

The bottom line on blogging (Kansas City Star)
March 14, 2006 Honesty is the best policy Robert Scoble should be a boss’s worst nightmare.

Nukes for India (Pakistan News Tribune)
On March 2, 2006, succumbing to unrelenting pressure from neo-cons? nuclear lobby and the increasingly powerful Indian lobby, President Bush signed a nuclear technology-sharing/transfer deal with India.

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