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Blogs share people's stories - 04/09/01

Blogs share people's stories Part diary, part scrapbook, part news digest, Weblogs are the latest trend in digital communications

Techdirt:Sneaky PR People Discover Blogs

Sneaky PR People Discover Blogs Contributed by Mike on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003 @ 02:26AM from the will-it-get-worse? dept. I've noticed a disturbing trend in the past year or so

Anxiety Disorders Blogs - Weblogs - Web logs

Health & Fitness Panic/Anxiety Disorders Anxiety Blogs Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Panic/Anxiety Disorders with Cathleen Henning Your Guide to one of hundreds of

Blogs of Action Figure Collectors

Hobbies & Games Action Figure Collecting Collector Blogs Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Action Figure Collecting with Bobbi Boyd Your Guide to one of hundreds of

bob mcwhirter

Projects drools werkflow petridish blissed classworlds werkz blogs werkenstuff Reviews of Blogs by People I Know Who Don't Know I Know Ab

Home CCN Magazine News Topics Newsletter Websites About Us Advertise Contact Us Link to Us Reviews of Blogs by People I Know Who Don't Know I Know About Their Blogs By: Joe Lavin Man, Do I

Baghdad Burning

an attempt to show us that our National Guard are not only good at raiding homes and harassing people in the streets That looks good on blogs and on paper

Blogs bringing people together

words) Using Google Using MSN Search Blogs bringing people together I didn't do a good job of 12, 2005 12:00 PM Feedback #re: Blogs bringing people together I got an out of the

Blog News for Bloggers :: Blog News

ask for people to reply and set up links on their blogs! And if you re interesting in blog. Many people have either software on their computers that tracks updates on

Boing Boing: January 2004

W]ithout their language and its structure, people are rootless. In recording it you are Doctorow at 10:59:21 PM permalink | Other blogs commenting on this post Typepad and the

Tommy Blogs - People

Tommy Blogs. Photography and technology from Tommy Williams. Wednesday, 06 April 2005

UserLand Software: Home page

Offers a newsletter about web content management, editorial groupware and syndication.

Blogger: Create your Blog Now -- FREE

Find people. And more A blog is your easy-to-use web site, where you can quickly post thoughts, interact with people

Intel Research People

Eric Paulos [email protected] Intel Research Berkeley 2150 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 1300 Berkeley, CA 94704 Eric Paulos is a Research Scientist at Intel s new Research Laboratory in

bob mcwhirter

bob mcwhirter en-us 2003-12-15T01:30:27-05:00 2004-12-08T22:45:16-05:00. Blogmoving.


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TECH CHRONICLES / A daily dose of postings from The Chronicle's technology blog ( (San Francisco Chronicle)
A real lawsuit over a virtual world Wired News reports that a Pennsylvania man has sued a San Francisco company over a land deal gone sour in Second Life -- a virtual realm where people create avatars to represent themselves and trade imaginary assets...

Blogs Host Death Penalty Discussion (WKRN Nashville)
The possible upcoming execution of Sedley Alley has been a polarizing topic on the News 2 Blogs. About half of people who wrote in, are for the death penalty, especially in the case of Alley and the other half believe it is necessary to make absolutely sure that the state is executing the right man. | | Some oppose the death penalty all together under any circumstances. Richard Call...

Blogs now have a world of influence (The Christian Science Monitor)
'Active users' of the Internet and blogs are starting to influence people's buying habits.

Episcopal blogs stir emotions (Akron Beacon Journal)
By Rachel Zoll Associated Press Kendall Harmon has to monitor his blog these days, so he can delete insults and offensive language from the comments section.

Finding friends on MySpace (Carroll County Online)
I am always one of the last people to embrace new technology. I held on to the VHS dream until last year, and I just bought my first digital camera last week.

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