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Linux Today - Linux in Embedded Systems--The Windows S

Invalid Linux Journal: Linux in Government: Planning for Open-Source Application Deployments blogs. Linux in Embedded Systems--The Windows Side of the Story Jan 15, 2005, 09

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in both the MSDN rokyu's WebLog

archive/2004/01/19/60286.aspx http://blogs.msdn .com/rokyu/comments/60286.aspx http http://blo Text Version 0 95.2004.920 rokyu What am I

Alan Shi's Fusion Weblog

Alan Shi Fusion/CLR Nov 28, 2003 MSI Install-on-Demand The officially recommended way of installing assemblies in a retail environment is through Windows Installer. Microsoft provides Welcome Please contact me (Scott In addition, follow the steps at rl RSS (list of recent posts) Blog


Home Here's some of the sites I visit on a regular basis, with some short descriptions (in no particular order). Take a look at the ones that interest you. (Last updated October 25, 2003).

Scott Watermasysk

This can mean sharing data across Urls, sharing users (ie, think and two different communities, but same user

MSDN Home Page

NET Code Wise Community Channel 9. Chats. Developer Division LeaderSpeak. Newsgroups. Usergroups


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