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Skip navigation Online Surveys and Polls Online Surveys and Polls are a simple way to add interactivity to your site. Online polls are a simple way to add interactivity to a site. Since all

A Mixed Blog: Research/Surveys Archives

This blog has changed to a new software provider, the active archives are now located here. October 20, 2004

Take Our Surveys, Polls and Quizzes - for and about Blogs

Take online tests and quizzes, respond to surveys and vote in these polls, as well as play games for and about blogs and bloggers.


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Friday Five - Weekly Blog Surveys

Friday Five - Weekly Blog Surveys

Moo's Blog: Surveys Archives

Moo's Blog March 15, 2004 Surveys Alright, so 9) January 10, 2004 From Carla's Blog time to start your heritage: 15 I've had enough of seeing these surveys around

Joi Ito's Web: Interesting survey of blog readers by Blogads

s Digest Blog Excerpt: Joi Ito links to Blog Surveys that were done and the Esther Dyson -RatcliffeBlog -Joho the Blog -Ben's Blog -Topher Tune's Times than the usual

bzoink! - fun online surveys

A free service allowing people to create, view, and fill out fun online surveys that are easy and can be displayed in a uniform fashion. Intended for online journal users. way to 'take'

r21: Pew surveys blog & RSS growth

Vblogs & the tsunami | R21 Home Page | Lunch with Rojo » FREE Subscription to R21 | Search R21 January 03, 2005 Pew surveys blog & RSS growth Jeff Jarvis review the findings of the

Guardian Unlimited | Online | New biz on the blog

Visit the link for details.

Blog Statistics and Census - research, reports, surveys

blog statistics census research reports surveys weblogs stats web logs analyzer

crappy blog - Surveys

It gets you herpes! · Surveys. · Top 10 Past Surveys. · Where is it? (Results - 51 (Results - 19 votes) Surveys Attached to Articles

Online Surveys from Perseus - Overview

Leader in web survey software and Enterprise Feedback Management. US Perseus UK Perseus Canada Perseus Asia. Blog Studies Blog use has exploded in the last year, with an other


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The Wrong Fight (Investor's Business Daily via Yahoo! News)
Economic Conditions: When it comes to the economy, we -- like most Americans -- tend to be optimists. But recent data, including Friday's jobs report, suggest a slowing. Time to worry?

The Wrong Fight (Investor's Business Daily via Yahoo! Finance)
Commentary from Investor's Business Daily

A penny saved could become a penny spurned (USA Today)
Once considered a good luck charm, the penny for many has become more of a copper-colored nuisance that has outlived its usefulness. And now, for the first time in history, it costs more than a penny to manufacture a penny, thanks to soaring metals prices.

Pope visits Spain to hail traditional family values (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
Pope Benedict makes a lightning trip to Spain this weekend to glorify traditional family values in a country whose government has been sharply criticized by the Catholic Church for legalizing gay marriage.

Column: Beach books, staffers' Net dirt (AP via Yahoo! News)
DIGITAL DIRT: Your online reputation may precede you during a job search, and it could keep you from getting your foot in the door, according to a survey.

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