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ASP Emporium - C# and .NET Framework Fundamentals

Free vbscript and jscript apps for classic asp and c# apps for and the .net framework intended to teach programming fundamentals. TO: convert a

[asp_components] DateTime object and convert "date" to milli

[asp_components] DateTime object and convert "date" to milliseconds anthony Fri, 18 May 2001 02:23:59 -0700

Active Server Pages (ASP): DateTime conversion to String

ASP. Viewing a Question. Search 1,112,315 Solutions Advanced Search NEW! Solution Title: DateTime field, now all i want to do is

FreeVBCode.Com - VB.NET/ASP.NET > Snippets

Object Using Serialization (VB.NET/ASP.NET)Convert a .NET DataReader (Any Type) to XML Database Programmatically (VB.NET/ASP.NET)DateTime Object in .NET: Demo Previous - free ASP/ASP.NET scripts and articles

Free ASP/ASP.NET scripts and articles! else dtRet = new DateTime(Convert.ToInt32(sVal.Substring(0,4)),Conve rt.ToInt32(sVal.Substring(4,2)), Convert.ToInt32

The ASP Emporium - Fun With Stored Procedures

ASP & VB Script Tutorials Fun With Stored Procedures enter a phrase to search: (advanced search) h o m e w h a t 's n e w a l l c o d e C# & .NET VBScript Code Library JScript Tutorials

ASP.NET in a Nutshell: Chapter 6: User Controls and Custom Server Cont

date"].ToString( ); BlogDate = new DateTime(Convert.ToInt32(BDate.Substring(4, 4 These definitions were copied from the asp.xsd schema file created for the

Asp Convert String To Date

languages. .net. asp. c / c++ / mfc How to convert a string to a date / a simple VB.Net string to Date Time conversion Server Pages (ASP) : convert string to date DateTime

How to convert http date to OLE(VB/VBS) date.

to convert DATE to a HTTP string date in ASP ASP (VBS) function converting DATE data source). Enables conversion between OLE datetime (8byte VARIANT-DATE) and http Pure-ASP

ASP.NET Resources - DateTime.MaxValue Metamorphosis

advise. We implemented two sets of functions to convert dates coming and going from the database know that outside of the database, we expect DateTime.MinValue and in the database

Entire Tutorial

asp) - Page 324 Data Types: Conversion (/learn/convert.asp) - Page 325 Loops: FOR NEXT #1 (/learn asp) - Page 21 Date/Time on ASP Pages by Tony Arguelles (datetime.asp) - Page 22

Active Server Pages (ASP): Convert DateTime value to strings

Web Languages. ASP. Viewing a Question. Search 1,093,429 Solutions Advanced Search NEW! Solution Title: Convert DateTime value to


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Geek to Live: Mastering Wget (Lifehacker)
by Gina Trapani Your browser does a good job of fetching web documents and displaying them, but there are times when you need an extra strength download manager to get those tougher HTTP jobs...

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