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Can You Really Make It Online ?
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Can You Really Make It Online ?

A good day or (night!!) to all you lovely people out there in cyberspace.Today I am going to talk about finding success on the net. For some three years now I have been designing and marketing websites , newsletters and articles.I started out in it as an hobby , but soon realised that I could make a career out of it.It has been a roller-coaster ride so far with it's fair share of ups and downs.Back then when I first started out , I was light-headed and eager to hop onto any program that offered "to make you rich in six weeks with no work".I soon learn't the hard way that all that was just a myth.I was even scammed twice on the net , falling to some "get rich" scheme which was full of nothing but hype.

Soon after I realise what the internet was about with all those scams and schemes , I started to look for the " other side of the net" : the good side.The part of it where you have to work hard to achieve what you want , the part of it where you have to go months or years without success before you finally find it.The internet is not much different from the offline world , only that it is cheaper to go into business and you are open 24/7.

But one has to work just as hard to get where you want to go.I have been in the game for some time now , and I have received my fair share of success.It wasn't easy to reach where I am right now, I had to deal with rejection , setbacks , lack of capital and a lot of other obstacles most of which were unforeseen.But without those obstacles in my way I wouldn't be were I am right now.

For those who are just starting , you have to be willing to make mistakes and suffer setbacks and rejections if you are going to stand a chance of success.Being persistence will get you a long way.Until next time.

To your success and mine ,


©2003 Nicholas Dixon

About The Author

Nicholas Dixon is the Webmaster/CIO for the Oceanroc family of websites.A positive minded individual in his early twenties , Nicholas believes in striving to be the best of one's self in this world.His mission for you his readers , is for you to feel the same way about yourself.You can visit his online store at WWW.Cafeshops.com/Oceanroc.

[email protected]

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