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W3C HTML Home Page

sophisticated WYSIWYG authoring tools. HTML uses tags such as


to structure subset, and extend HTML, reformulated in XML. XHTML Family document types are

TopWebsite Search Engines Guide: Meta Tags

Provides descriptions and examples of all the major types of meta tags.


ID3 tag utility with the ability to rename MP3s based on tags, create tags based on MP3 name, generate playlists, create backup files of lyrics, and auto-neaten all tags. (Requires the

Lissa Explains it All -- HTML Help and Tutorial for Kids

Featured on Science and Technology and Headline News Hello, and welcome to Lissa Explains it All, the first and original HTML Help JUST for Kids. Lissa Explains it All is a colorful and fun

ALL HTML - Meta-Tags

ALL HTML - Meta-Tags : Analyse des meta-tags votre accès et soyez membre d'ALL HTML !Mot de passe oublié ? Recommander ALL Analyse

META Tags Generator

Domain Search: www. .com .net .org Website Promotion with guaranteed results! See Testimonials About Us Meta Tags Generator Free Newsletters Newsletter Archives Press Release Services

Pet Tags To Go

Pet tags of all types produced by the handicapped.

Overview of all tags

Wilbur specification Overview of all tags Note: A one-file list of all tags is Document head HR - Horizontal rule HTML - HTML Document IMG - Images INPUT An

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML

HTML Bare Bones Guide barebones help codes tags faq Bones Guide to HTML lists every official HTML tag in common Guide is designed to conform to the HTML 4.0 specification on the

HTML Tutorial

HTML,CSS,JavaScript,DHTML,XML,XHTML,ASP,ADO and VBScript tutorial from W3Schools. HOME. HTML Basic. HTML HOME. HTML & WWW. HTML Introduction. HTML Elements. HTML Basic Tags. HTML

CDI Corporate Education Services - Compact Index of HTML Tags

CDI's Comprehensive HTML Cross Reference. Compact Index of HTML Tags. This compact index of tags is arranged alphabetically. Each tag is a link that leads to a description of the tag and

HTML 4.01 Reference

HTML,CSS,JavaScript,DHTML,XML,XHTML,ASP,ADO and VBScript tutorial from W3Schools. HOME. HTML Basic. HTML HOME. HTML & WWW. HTML Introduction. HTML Elements. HTML Basic Tags. HTML


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RFID tags are subject to viruses, says study (ARNnet)
Three computer science researchers are warning that viruses embedded in radio tags used to identify and track goods are right around the corner, a danger so far overlooked by the industry's high interest in the technology.

Left-handed men are gay: official (The Register)
But do they drink Guinness?

New language transforms business reporting (PhysOrg)
"It's about better, faster and cheaper business reporting," says Olivier Servais, director of the IST project XBRL Europe. "This was once done with proprietary electronic formats. XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is an open standard that brings a common understanding, vocabulary and method to financial statements."

Financial NewsHour: China's New Global Role (Indymedia Chiapas)
JIM PUPLAVA: My guest this week is George Gu. George obtained his education at Nanjing University in China and Vanderbilt University and the University of Michigan in the United States, he holds two MS degrees and a PhD from the University of Michigan.

In Brief (D-Lib Magazine)
In Fall 2005, the National Science Foundation's (NSF) National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Digital Library (NSDL) program 2 made new grants in three tracks: Pathways , Services , and Targeted Research . These new grants continue the development of a national digital library of high quality educational resources that support learning at all levels in science,

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