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Make your site pay!

Webmasters, generate some real revenue from your web site with affiliate programs! Affiliate marketing programs work! They are easy to find and join, and for every possible product you can think of - there's an affiliate program for it! Start generating "cash-money" from your web site today.

Simply place text or graphic links that promote another company's products, services or brand on your web site and in return... those companies pay you money! It's that simple! The only difficult part can be finding the right affiliate, with the right product and the right commission structure for your comfort level.

Then decide "how" you want to be paid. Some affiliate programs pay you for EVERY click-thru, others pay you a percentage of sales (or for the leads) that result from click-thrus originating from your site.

Recently, a "brand new" type of affiliate marketing program has stormed the web - "paid to publish" affiliate programs. In a nutshell, site owners can now display ads for RELATED and RELEVANT companies through a third party and GET PAID PER CLICK! The following "third party" affiliate companies are a GREAT place to start:


The "traditional" affiliate program companies we have "hand-picked" below will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to know about affiliate programs and affiliate marketing. Check them out!

Of course, the best affiliate marketing programs on the planet won't earn you a dime unless you get people to your site& TRAFFIC! Specifically, QUALIFIED TRAFFIC! Big traffic (hits!) may come slow and steady but they will come if you stay focused and determined. There are also plenty of legitimate, cost-effective and fast methods of getting traffic to your site. (Check our site promotion page!) Remember, if it sounds too good to be true - it is!

Awesome Affiliates and Affiliate Marketing Programs!
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